Apart from providing the CF community with products that will make you jump higher, lift heavier, row faster, look better and smile A LOT more - we also want to provide products and a spirit that contribute to a better world, both from an environmental and social perspective. Small tasks - big muscles or maybe the other way around? Anyway, the important thing is that if we can make a difference - let’s do it!


We are very proud of working with 1% For The Planet which means that Northern Spirit has committed to donate 1% of our total yearly revenue to non-profit organisations, driving the global sustainability development. 1% for the planet is businesses and individuals taking responsibility for the environment. Basically - we are giving 1% and they make sure the money goes directly to environmental, nonprofit organizations that certifies that the donations will go where they make the biggest impact! Read more:


By looking at the nature of our business and where we can have the biggest impact, we have identified the following four areas where we and you as a customer could act to make a change for a better future!


We want to move away from the traditional make-use-dispose approach of products, to a more circular thinking where we instead design, plan and produce products that are recycled. By doing this we are reducing the pressure on the limited natural resources of our planet and the amount of waste going to landfill. We have increased the use of recycled materials in our operations and some of our products are made by recycled water bottles. Look for the recycled stamp in our shop to identify them. We will continue to increase the recycled materials in our products, while of course never compromising on the quality. We have also exchanged the plastic bags that we ship your WOD gear in - for 100% recycled paper bags.


We are committed to reduce the climate impact of our operations to fight against global warming and its devastating effects on our planet. We are doing different actions and some of them are (as mentioned before!) that we have exchanged the plastic bags to 100% recyclable paper bags and one step at the time we’re getting more recycled materials in. By 2023 – our goal is to only provide CF gear that is all made by recycled materials. And hey! Did you know that we print most of the products at Northern Spirit HQ? We use Swedish-made prints that are produced without phthalates and with water-based colors. The print has a bluesign® certificate, which means that they meet the requirements of environmental sustainability to reduce climate impacts. Other actions are that some of our suppliers that we work with are using solar cells to run the production of our products. In our search of new suppliers we value those who’re running their production with those kind of sustainable options and we’re gonna continue to put pressure on those who don’t.


Equally important as it should be for you to protect your back when doing a heavy squat - it is for us to promote a fair, safe and healthy workplace for both our own employees and for the people being involved in the production of our products. We therefore do business with those who respect human rights, including issues such as discrimination & harassment, freedom of association, working hours, fair wages, child labour and chemical use. It’s also important that they follow local regulations about labour law and workplace health and safety. At Northern Spirit HQ we respect & follow everything mentioned above and also a lot more to make it a good work place. We have 1,5-hour lunch break every day where we all have a lunch session in our own CF box. For us, training together is very important for a fun, strong & healthy workplace. We’re also recycling all garbage coming in to our office such as water bottles, plastic boxes, paper and aluminium packaging – back to where it belongs and where it will be recycled. Once in a while we go on social activities together. Usually those days include physical activities such as training but sometimes we just chill at a SPA. The location of our office is close to bus and train stations, to inspire the employees to take the public transports as often as possible.